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It is yours to receive and to apply, but you must learn how to use it, or it will not come forth, and you will not understand what it means or how it can serve the world in which you live.

Learn about the nature of this power and grace.

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Knowledge represents your True Self, your True Mind and your True Relationships in the universe. It also possesses your greater calling in the world and a perfect utilization of your nature, all of your inherent abilities and skills, even your limitations, all to be given for good in the world. - Steps To Knowledge The Book of Inner Knowing.

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Steps to Knowledge the Book of Inner Knowing. (Free book download bottom left of the page)

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  • Knowledge is the deeper spiritual mind that the Creator has given to each person. It is the source of all meaningful action, contribution and relationships. It is our natural inner guidance system. Its reality is mysterious, but its presence can be directly experienced. Knowledge is remarkably wise and effective in guiding each person in finding his or her right relationships, work and contribution.

    Steps to Knowledge: the Book of Inner Knowing is a preparation to activate your spiritual power, free at