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I found out how a group works. We have the ability to add our friends/followers to the group. Everyone receives a message that they have been added to whatever group. If you donโ€™t want to stay in the group then you go to the group and when you get there you look on the left side at the top and click on the button that says joined. It will immediately change to join which means you are no longer a member of the group. Hope this helps.

Please, if you do not want to be a member of the group message me! We are all so new on the site that I might not recognize that you were in the group and that you have left. So, I add you back in by mistake. If you message me, I can make sure that your name does not show up to join the group again. That is the only way I can be sure and not bring you back to the group..Thank you so much.

I hope the post I shared a little earlier will help some of you figure out about Q if you do not already know how to research or where to look. I know many on here already know but for those of you who would like to learn more these two post will help you get there.

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  • Louisiana Women For Trump is a Women For Trump group started in Louisiana. Since starting we have branched out across the United States. Also, started as womens only group we now have both women and men in our membership. We believe that the 2020 election is going to take us all to win and we hope you will help this group grow and spread the truth about what is going on across the United States to everyone. Without groups like ours many may never hear the truth and turn only to the msm news.