A fellow patriot who was banned over the last 3 months with the rest of us. Got back on for not even 24 hours and his page was permanently deleted everything gone.
Heads up fb deleting pages permanently.

Dissident Tracking – facebook algorithms track who’s posting pictures of their cats and their glass of wine on a Friday night (the compliant drone bot, boot licker, order taker, repeater, slave type, government loving, flag waiving, war monger, cheer leader, sedated, distracted, sports watcher, follower type) and facebook also tracks who actually knows what’s going on. Both types of people are targets, using different methods. The uninformed slave will be poisoned off the planet of course with vaccines, toxic meds, ever increasing poisonous junk food, cell phone radiation, fluoride, chemtrails, taxed into oblivion, charities drives that steal their money etc and the dissidents will be hunted down eventually………unless every slave comes together as one force and demands slave master reel in his satanic behavior. Regardless, no one will be spared so spreading the word and awakening more people is the only strategy I believe that is worth while on facebook. Find people of knowledge on facebook, learn, educate, ascend, evolve, rediscover morality, promote ethical behavior and move the world in the direction it needs to move in for the next generation………..which isn’t posting pictures of yourself shitfaced every Friday night or a picture of your newest stuff. Lets adult up and get on with it. Facebook also tracks the most powerful truth based information and then tags limitation algorithms to it, so the least amount of people can share and spread that information. Facebook inversely also uses highly contagious algorithms so that useless information and compliant behavior spreads far and wide, to provide the reflexively obedient order taker with the emotional feed back they need to feel secure and content in their empty life of slavery down on the human farm.

Shared. Kim Lee on FB

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  • This is a Page to discuss FB. The shadow banning, de boosting, and banned from FB. To discuss our constitutional right of free speech, to discuss any upcoming class action lawsuits regarding FB. Let have fun with the robot Zuckerburg and discuss truly what and who he truly is all conspiracies on the table with this one. Enjoy