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4 days ago

This was posted just now, by Serial Brain 2. No further details but here is the link to watch ....https://www.reddit.com/user/Se....rialBrain2/comments/
The Gematria of the capital letters = 100 = CONGRESS. "Something big is about to drop" is a link to Q post 1748 (from the timestamp plus 1200). SB2 must be in a real hurry as he has not provided details today.
Q1748: Listen VERY carefully. https://mobile.twitter.com/Fox....News/status/10235866 POTUS legal in review (Huber). Something BIG is about to drop. Q

..V Kobayashi Vincent Kennedy #WG1WGA #WWG1WGA


7 days ago

Thoughts on Tony Abbott. Did he lose last night as part of the Plan? Three theories of mine -
1. He was corrupted by [them] and told he had to go....this was a way to go, which was not yet another resignation. Variety is the spice of life.
2. He is part of the Plan to expose Get Up as a Foreign Party interfering in our elections and government. High profile candidate, his loss was from a swing massively different from the rest of the Country. He may need to be a White Hat for this to work. If so we might see him back in Parliament when the dust settles.
3. He just lost fair and square.

Future will prove past.......V

Vincent Kennedy Kobayashi #WG1WGA #WWG1WGA


19 days ago


This is so sad......Duke and Duchess of Sussex "Over the Moon" about the new baby. This is code for a 'moon child' - a ritual designed to demonize a fetus so that it is possessed before it is born.

Let us pray especially for the child, he is a victim of the most wicked forces on the planet.

Vincent Kennedy Kobayashi #WG1WGA #WWG1WGA

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20 days ago - Youtube

21 days ago

USA Witness program Gaia - and suggestions that Diana and JFK jr may be alive. Kobayashi Vincent Kennedy #WG1WGA #WWG1WGA

22 days ago

So Soros has a propaganda piece in The Australian newspaper magazine today. Seems like almost everyday now we are seeing articles designed to promote [them] ahead of revelations about their crimes. Or maybe its the white hats helping the normies get familiar with [them]. Part 1 of 4 Vincent Kennedy Kobayashi #WG1WGA #WWG1WGA

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