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Patriots, we're indeed on the verge of the #GreatAwakening & this means more than we currently realize. God told me that 2019 is the "year of the Awakening Sheep". The thing is, the full awakening is multi-layered & bringing convergence between people waking up to the darkness that's been at play behind the scenes as well as waking to better see the TRUE LIGHT -more of who God is, who we are in Him, & our true purpose. This is both natural and spiritual.

We know "sheep" as those who follow blindly & have been led astray. The funny thing is God also calls His people "sheep" - and this is a good thing. The difference is that His sheep are ones that follow HIM by faith -trusting that He leads to truth & meets all needs. We're actually made to believe -i.e. to have faith. The question is WHERE do we place our faith; in Him, or something else?

It's time for MANY to wake up both to see what's going on naturally & spiritually. The Spirit of God is moving and is going to be showing up in a new & amazing way.

The best way to be ready to receive fully is to not hold too tightly to what we think we already know... then, we're able to receive the new revelations!

God's blessings and much love to you friends!!

Psa 95:7, John 10:3-4, 16, & 27

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Hey friends! I wanted to check in and let you know I'll be doing some more detailed posting soon. I've tried a few times and the system wasn't allowing it. We're super thankful for this platform though, so we can be patient, right?!

Until then, I'd like to encourage everyone to focus some time in these next couple months on attending to ourselves and our families with the intent of clearing up any unfinished business, healing any issues, and getting personal time with God (most important). He's going to do some big things in the Spirit this year and it will be helpful to be as prepared as possible!

The Biblical Feast of Passover begins on April 19th and this will be a marker. While the typical Christian celebration has been Easter, the Biblical Holy Day is Passover - which from the Christian perspective signifies the blood of the Perfect Lamb that marks each believer for salvation from death. Please do a little research on this if you're unfamiliar! It's powerful to align with the feasts of the Bible - NOT in a religious way, but in honor of the meaning behind them.

God Bless you Patriots & Saints!

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Hello and welcome to new members of our Spirit-Led Perspectives group!

Please feel free to say hello here in the comments and include any info about yourself you'd like to share along with your interest in the group or what you hope to experience here!

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Learn to connect to the MIND THAT KNOWS: http://tinyurl.com/q2tnxeb

Knowledge is the deeper spiritual mind that the Creator has given to each person. It is the source of all meaningful action, contribution and relationships. It is our natural inner guidance system.

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  • God's plan for the great awakening and the great harvest are coming forth in conjunction with this great patriot movement. This is truly an epic and historic time we are living in!

    In this group, I share insights God has given me about current and future events, His perspectives and plans, and the ways of His Kingdom. It is part of my calling to encourage and empower others to fulfill their unique purpose and this group will be aimed to gather in this vein.