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Hi Sylvia01 ! Welcome to the group! Looking forward to chatting and sharing ideas!

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Hi ya Mary Briggs Thanks for joining the group! I hope we chat and share idea's sometime Please do scroll down to view things I have posted already that I thought important. warm smiles! Take care

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Things I did in the last 5 days. TOP UP and EXTRA's to my Inventory. Thought I would share.
Cause BETCHA Ass!! Prices will be skyrocket HIGH when this is OVER!
I fully understand not everyone has the means or the space to do this. I hope maybe pick at a few things and add them to yours. Sends Strength Awareness Kindness to ALL

* New Propane tank / filled
* New 25L Gas Can / filled
* Another 3 small propane stove propane tanks
* Bought an adapter Big Propane tank to Coleman stove
*Keep buying new mason jar lids.. they started disappearing from shelves.
*3 spare Oil filters for truck
*2 boxes of spark plugs
*4 big jugs of motor oil
*$300.00 inventory top of of Essential Oils that are important to me. "Plus
to make Thieves hand sanitizer" with 3 dozen flip lids to squirt the
Thieves aloe vera gel out of.

*Duck Tape, Gorilla Tape, Electric Tape, Light bulbs
Crazy Glue = which I just had to use on my fingers as they are cracking
from washing my hands so much and dry & cold weather,
working outside so much! Plus NOT enough lotion! It's like a needle
being jabbed under my
nail!!! So this am I crazy glued the corners! OMG what a relief!
That's what crazy glue was made for haha.. I have probably small
bottles with 4 tubes in each bottle!

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Hi ya Valerie Deacon ! Welcome to the group! Looking forward to chatting and sharing idea's with you!

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Hi ya Ian Gray ! Welcome to the group! looking forward to sharing and chatting!

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