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Hi guys, I have posted on here once before but have now joined to boost the numbers
Been computing for 40 years now and know my way around. I live in the UK but follow American Politics (especially Trump) with gusto.
Travelled to over 170 countries and islands over the years so I've knocked around for a while, but still learning!
Hate Farcebook, because of the cencorship and totalitarian way it is run. Hate Twatter for the same reason so do not have accounts with either.
WEGO is a blessing but it does have glitches that I put up with.
MEWE is the other platform I use on a daily basis which is really good.

3 months ago

Good day folks! I have finally added a political forum to our news aggregate website. It's been a few weeks in the making and it is finally ready. If anyone has a few spare minutes I would love you guys could test it out for me and let me know in the comments below how you like it.

Who has gotten rid of facebook from their lives? And what was the breaking point that led to that decision? I decided to just abandon facebook. #facebook #wegosocial Comment below.

Thanks for letting me join the group. I have a question: I thought that TOR was a special mix of software and hardware that allowed a person to access the Dark Web. I never had a desire to go to the Dark Web because I had heard that it was mostly for criminal activities, porn, etc. Now I've heard that it can be used to access the 8kun site for not only browsing, but making posts. Also, it seems that I was wrong, all you need is a TOR browser. Since I'm obviously a complete newbie at this, how should I proceed? Which site is the "trusted" site to download a TOR browser? Are there any known pitfalls to using this browser? Any help is appreciated.

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