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Hmmm....did Zuckerberg turn? I'm creeped out by this Libra coins though...The Black Horse is all about weights and scales and money. ๐Ÿ‘€ What do you think? ๐Ÿ‘‡

Greetings all! I posted an earlier version of this in gab.๐Ÿ˜€

Q ends the 2/1/2020 day's drops with the 10th instance of that particular version of Old Glory. The Patriots Fight board flag. The previous day (1/31/202 he ended with the Union Jack. That obvious interpretation, a shout out to our brethren in the United Kingdom on their Brexit. But IMO, that is not all of it; as said, the obvious.

What was interesting to me was that POTUS, Scavino, and Q all ended their "comms day" within relatively short time of each other (approx 3 hours). Particularly Scavino's "Tick Tock" GIF tweet which was his and the last one from the 3. So, did some gigging, comparing and what do you know!?!?

Just how many instances of 17, 11, 14 and its mirror 41 can we have in 7 artifacts (3 Qdrops, 2 POTUS and 2 Scavino Tweets). All across the same two days, all in the same "publish" order?

#promisesmadepromiseskept Hash tag ending with similar Old Glory?

Hello MAGA Promise?

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Greetings Patriots!!

I created this video to provide Anons with an additional tool. Qagg.news (KAG) is a relatively new aggregator that has some great features. I'll be doing some additional " 'How to' use" videos as this first one is just to help you familiarize.


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I thought of putting factoids and coinkidinks into a graphic. Enjoy!!

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