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You may like to read my article on the GOLD STANDARD - it pulls threads together from recent posts in a way that is easier to read and follow. V Kobayashi Vincent Kennedy #WWG1WGA #WG1WGA


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About 2.29 min mark - POTUS points out JFK Jr and Caroline (IMO) in the front of the audience, then JFK jr steps down. At 2.34, when you stop play you can see a man and women bottom left - he has a goate, she a blond with glasses. in other vids see how he is holding his hands. Also can see Tupac behind POTUS and above with sign.............If I saw them with my limited ability here in Australia - who else might have been there? Am I right? Black Trump T-shirts....in disguise. V

Vincent Kennedy Kobayashi #WG1WGA #WWG1WGA

Isn't this Him in the gray hat??!?!


i challenge the "jfk jr" here to prove to everyone he is who he claims he is. with the "no-show" on the 4th, i need proof its really him. because you know what he did to me when I asked him to prove he is really jfk jr? he got angry like he was a 12 year old then blocked me.. That is NOT how jfk jr would act. So I don't believe the jfk jr here, is really him anymore. also, he spoke about himself in the 3rd person which I found very odd. although he was religious this one is over board on it ... that is all he posts about. he needs to prove to all of us here, that he is who he claims... my feelings are that if you ask him to prove it, he will block you too..

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