#[13371] control. #[4634] #[200].
You are an activist and the Deep State Handler is there to make you feel bad. The idea is lack of self confidence decreases the motivational level. They have online bloggers who may criticize you. With every criticism there is a reward. When you have a reward/punishment system the subject will absorb the criticism more easily. For instance the handler may say 'you speak too slowly' but I can help you with that, here is my suggestion...'. The effect is however, it makes you feel bad, yet the handler does not come across as mean since they switch to the 'helper and friend'. Psychologically you will absorb the criticism without seeing the handler as a direct enemy since the handler offered you something positive (help). Electronically they will send you mind control and AI in order to lower your self esteem. As a result of all of this, you feel unworthiness. You are not so sure of yourself, and in spite of your success you feel bad.